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Machinedrum TRX Sample Pack

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Machinedrum TRX Sample Pack

kimura taro
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One Shot Drum Samples

Drum sample pack was created with Elektron Machinedrum mk1 TRX machine. Sample format is suitable for Elektron Analog Rytm/Digitakt/Model:samples and any other samplers that can handle Wav files.


TRX are Elektron's original drum synths inspired by analog drum machines of the past. Sounds different from Roland's TR series. Elektron's unique sounds. Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Rim shot, Clap, Hihat, Cymbal, Tom, Cowbell, Clave, Conga and Maracas are included

One Shot Sample Pack

Including (One Shot Sample Pack)

  • 254 samples(24bit/48kHz/mono/WAV + 16bit/48kHz/mono/WAV)

  • BD -55, Snare -23, Clap -22, Cowbell -11, Cymbal -16, Hihat -38, Rim Shot -9, Tom -16, Clave -8, Conga -7, Maracas -7, Samples tuned to Note C(BD -42, Clave -10, Conga -6, Tom-8)

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