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AR Percussion Sample Pack

One Shot Samples

This sample pack was created with Analog Rytm. The pack includes the sounds of the AR Percussion Patch Pack released in the past, the newly created Dual VCO synth sound, and the percussion sound created using the self-oscillation sound of the three filters.

Synth samples include chord sounds and unison sounds using Dual VCO 3 voices, and percussion sounds include bell sounds and percussion (like conga and tabla) using Dual VCO modulation mode, BD synth, Snare synth, Rim shot synth and 3 Filter Oscillator.

As an extra, it contains samples of the sounds from the AR Filter Drum Patch Pack - drum samples using the AR's filter self-oscillating sound.

One Shot Sample Pack

AR Percussion Sample Pack

394 samples(24bit/48kHz/mono/WAV + 16bit/48kHz/mono/WAV)

Rytm Percussion

  • BD -12, Snare -7, Clap -26, Bell -10, Percussion High -20, Percussion Low -43, Percussion Mid -56, Percussion Rim -32, Tabla-ish -10, Tom -1, Wood -12 , Noise -4, Dual VCO +Noise -13, Tuned Percussion -20

Dual VCO Synth Sounds

  • Bass -9, Chord -14, Drone -8, Dual VCO Wave -5, FX -10, Gong -11, Lead -7, Para Chord -29, Unison -9

3 Filter Oscillator Percussion

  • Conga -17, SD -11, Shaker-4, Tabla -20

AR Filter Drum Sample Pack[Free]

193 samples(24bit/48kHz/mono/WAV)

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AR Percussion Sample Pack

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