A4 Classic Drum Patch Pack[Free]

kimura taro

* NOT Audio Files

Sound Patches for Elektron Analog Four/Keys

Classic drum machine sounds and fat kicks

Sound patches that imitate the sound of classic drum machines like the CR-78, 808 and 909.

This pack can also be used with Analog Four MK2.

Including(64 sounds)

  • 64 Patches(BassDrum-4, Clap-1, Cowbell-3, Clave-1, Hihat/Cymbal-4, Clap-1,Conga-2,Guiro-1, Rim shot-4, Snare-6,  Tambourine-1, Tom-1, BD FAT-36)

  • Sound Patches
    64 Patches
  • Available synths
    Elektron Analog Four Mk1/MK2/Keys
  • Sound Patches64 Patches
  • Available synthsElektron Analog Four Mk1/MK2/Keys
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A4 Classic Drum Patch Pack[Free]

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